Virtual Trainer Sport

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Think to run behind a LED light spot that pulls you at desired speed and acceleration.

Think to jump from a point to another driven by the LED light spot set at desired distance.

Think reference point which forces you the accelerations sudden changes imposed by yourself.

All this is VIRTUAL TRAINER SPORT. Version 1.0 allows you to improve your workouts by:

  • following a LED light spot that runs the distance choosen by you in the time you like
  • following a rising speed curve designed according to a mathematical model. Several real speed trend curves, taken from both top rank and regular athletes performances in 100 and 200 mt, have been processed to develop the model
  • following a LED light spot that runs according to either elite sprinters or customized speed curve
  • performing any number of guided repeats with any resting time among them
  • drill at 70 – 80 – 90 % of your best according to the type of training you need to carry out seasonally
  • being focused on starting detail by performing a great number of guided starts. The starting sequence provides the regular “at your marks”, “set” and “shot” advices
  • being focused on the right stride, right frequency and the best ground contact time. This by steady LED light spot along the LED strip
  • running by the help of a repeatable pacer that offers you the right and accurate reference

Virtual Trainer Sport is worldwide Patented, US9095762 WO2010122480, and distributed under licence of Indicotech .