Virtual Trainer Medical

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A LED light spot moving back and forward, at desired speed and acceleration, can be an useful aid in MEDICAL tests.

Speed can be increased/decreased step by step, thus checking Maximum allowable performance in movement of deseased persons.

VIRTUAL TRAINER MEDICAL version 0  (beta) is an evoltution of the VT Sport release specially designed for this accomplishment.

Download VT MED QUICK GUIDElogo pdf


  • follow a LED light spot that runs the distance choosen by you in the time you like
  • being guided by a Step by Step increasing speed LED light spot
    performing any number of guided Repeats with any resting time among them
  • running by the help of a repeatable pacer that offers you a right and accurate reference

Virtual Trainer Medical is worldwide Patented, US9095762 WO2010122480, and distributed under licence of Indicotech .